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After my last stay in Paris at the end of the 2016 I have taken notes of some very interesting places that will not disappoint you. Let me know!

  1. LE VIN QUI PARLE: dynamic and welcoming wine-shop with 2 locations that also organizes free wine tastings to try some of the most interesting french wines along with the small and less known producers.
  2. The best macaron are the ones produced by PIERRE HERMÉ, the rose version is inimitable and a similar stuffing is also available in the croissant, do not miss this!
  3. LE PETIT OLIVIER, tiny local restaurant located in Rue du Cerche Midi (n. 6) for a quick and cheap break, just fantastic if you are not too fussy!
  4. Another pastisserie: AUX MERVEILLEUX, the best meringue of the world at different flavours
  5. WINE TASTING IN PARIS: book your french wine tour with the local exppert Thierry Givone at his central and welcoming location
  6. When you are in a bg city you can find whatever you like: I find very good the quality of the chinese restaurant LILY WANG classy and panoramic if you do not focus on the colours which recall a night club somehow
  7. LES CAVES DU LOUVRE, close to Louvre is a modern location to learn and play with wine and its features thanks to a special path that ends with a tasting guided by professional sommelier
  8. HURÉ is my favourite boulangerie! Not only for the great baquette (the classic one is always the best) but also for the pastries especially my beloved Palmier also available with jam or nutella!
  9. Among the notorious restaurant I like to mention, this time, LES CLIMATS, “the paradise of Burgundy wines”! Excellent service, innovative cuisine balanced with taste and rigor. Absolutely affordable at lunch.
  10. MUSÉE DU VIN, the old building is very fascinating and here it is also possible to taste some wines, eat and rent the maina hall for you events
  11. LA CAFÉOTEQUE near to Notre Dame is welcoming and offers quality products esppecially a wide line of coffee coming from all over the world. Do not miss a coffee tasting!
  12. UNIQLO, it has nothing to do with wine& food but it’s just cool and you can find here something you forgot before leaving or you can buy a trendy item before going back. the prices are very affordable.
  13. ANGELINA: a delicious hot chocolate in Paris, it worth the queue!
  14. QUATREHOMME, wonderful selection of french cheese on Rue de sevre

Let me know!

Please find here some more pictures.