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I heve discovered this winery on the occasion of the italian event Vitigno Italia recently held in southern Italy and that I have immediatly appreciate during the blind tastings of the internal Napoli Wine Challenge even if I still did not know the identity as all the other judges.

the castle where vitigno italia takes place (castel dell’ovo dove si tiene Vitigno Italia)

Calafè is a winery located in Campania region, born recently thanks to the determination of mr. Benito Petrillo who, once retired from the publishing industry in the 1999, decided to invest in wine without any compromises that at a certain age, evidently, does not find any nourishment! He bought a vineyard in the heart of the appellation DOCG Greco di Tufo and so he started his wine adventure with this fine white, planning to produce a white to be aged. He invested in the reds later on.

His wines are absolutely true, direct and tied by a territorial and productive string that ignores any principle of exasperated modernity.

I tried the all line up along with the red Taurasi that, before being rewarded by the challenge and so revealed, I had shortly described as deep and recognizable (in terms of grape variety: Aglianico), slightly peppery with a balsamic and so refreshing touch that also lighten the finish on the palate that was previously marked by a firm but well managed tannin. Still fine is the tasting of Aglianico 2012; juicy and rich.

reassuring crossword
(le rassicuranti parole crociate)

Even better the Greco di Tufo that I have tasted “vertically”: a kind of activity more often practiced by Fiano di Avellino. Please find here some notes:


  • Greco di Tufo 2012: the colour is quite deep and bright, intense and full on the palate. It seems very young but the acidity and the richness allow to bet on the potential for ageing
  • Greco di Tufo 2009: in perfect shape, you cannot imagine the age if you do not read it on the label. With a light touch of iodine and savory. Rich in matter with a long fruity finish
  • Greco di Tufo 2008 “Ariavecchia”: custard on the nose (thanks to the MLF) along with a mature stone fruit and again a good minerality that is confirmed by a savoury sip enriched by a smoky touch and a toasted nut on the final.

In poor words: go and find them!

Stay tuned!