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Eurochocolate is the European festival entirely focused on chocolate, born in 1993 which now receives more than 1 million of visitors per year.



Perugia downtown. An occasion to discover this wonderful city in central Italy and already very appreciated by international students (especially chineses and american ones) thanks to the University for strangers.

  • WHEN

Now! (from the 16th to the 25th of October, 2015). Generally in October.

  • HOW
amedei chocolate

amedei chocolate

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Have you ever been there? Please leave your impressions below!

Scaturchio, the old bakery of Naples is a must for lovers and gourmands from around the world,  they are here with their typical dessert called “frolla”*, freshly baked with a soft chocolate filling: chocolate,ricotta cheese and hazelnut cream. I really have to tell you how much good it is ?! The inhabitants suffer the confusion: the historical center is stuck for well 10 days!


Amedei and Domori: 2 important brands often preferred by wine&food shops all over Italy, here available to present its full range and their mixed boxes!

As well as Bonajuto company from Sicily and famous for “Modica Chocolate” known for the presence of sugar crystals. Even here the range is complete: bars flavored with ginger, white pepper, salt as well as the classic vanilla and cinnamon.

There is a kind of variation, the event “The other chocolate” held in the same days and more focused on southern countries along their problems and projects (Maybe Eurochocolote want it too, in order to please even other needs)


Spanish churros: a sort of long donuts to soak in the hot chocolate. A bigger effort to bring special brands for all over the world or from artisans to discover more about some other specialties would be highly appreciated.
Specialities form Piemonte in the north of Italy: “cunesi” (chocolate balls with liqueur) now flavored too. As well as the different flavours of the typical “cremino”, another sort of praline now flavored with  mint, cookie, fudge, caramel, pistachio. Many of the products are also available at the supermarket at better prices too!
The notorious and local Perugina company presents its new pralin called “bacio” (meaning “kiss”) with dark chocolate and organizes tours and choco courses. Many event and initiatives are fine for youngs only.
There are some thematic events such as the mustache ehibition (symbol of the festival) as well as conferences about “Sustainability of Ecuador sweetness” or “Go-Vegan”. Many restaurant or hotel are not sure to really earn more thanks to the festival


* Frolla is a typical pastry from Napoli (Campania region, southern Italy) together with “riccia” where only the external dought,

chocolate frolla only at eurochocolate

chocolate frolla only at eurochocolate

, they both are filled with ricotta cheese, semola and candied fruit. Unique and terrific Neapolitan dessert.



As I often do, please find here some notes about the communication. On this occasion I like to underline the ironic tone of the slogan.

The two-way meaning of “On the lips of everyone” is the title of the exhibition about the history of the mustache and their role in the movies, organized in the premises of Umbro’ company.

spalm beach at eurochocolate

spalm beach at eurochocolate

The best relax space s the “Spalm Beach”(recalling “Palm beach” as “Spalm(are)” in Italian means “to spread”!) with  umbrellas and lounge chairs.

One of the sponsors has papered the city with the following dilemma “Better a praline today or tomorrow a bar?” (recalling the way of saying  “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”).





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