• WHY…

This is the blog about italian wine with 2 main goals:

  1. to cover 2 languages (Italian and English);
  2. to approach the wine world with passion and without a technical language!

And more!

  • WHAT…

On this blog you’ll find stories of wineries and reviews, restaurants and reports about production areas, wine competitions as well as the events I follow that you can check in the apposite calendar on the right side of the blog.

First of all I try to cover the wide Italian wine&food world but, of course, I also like to leave my impressions about my experiences abroad! Thanks to my collaborations abroad I travel a lot!

  • HOW…

So, let’s start: pick your category in the relative menu and travel with me! The section “Wine Basics” for beginners is also available! But if you have clear ideas and you are looking for a specific winery, a name or a place use the standard section “search”: I hope I’ll answers the query.

If not just contact me, I would be more than happy to help!

Last but not least: there is a specific section for you “requests” so that you can ask about your curiosities about wines, producers and so on! Do not miss this chance!

It is very easy, is not it?!

  • WHEN…

It is not over… I post every week but if you miss a post remember that each week-end (both on Saturday and on Sunday) I post a summary called “The articles of the week” to access directly to the latest posts.


Finally if you do have SocialNetworks or, anyway, you prefer the inbox then subscribe to receive my posts directly bt email the saame day I publish them: use the box available on the right hand side (scrolling down).


You do not have any excuse anymore, I wait for you!