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The so-called “Piana Rotaliana” plain in Trentino, south of Trentino Alto Adige region in nort-east of Italy, is immediately identified with the indigenous variety Teroldego for a red wine which got the first DOC appellation of the region in 1971 and whose production coincides almost entirely with the plain’s surface. An alluvial plain composed by the rivers Adige and Noce of about 400 Ha and protected by the rocky mountains of glacial origin, whose soils have been enriched by the floods of Noce river that, in the 1800, has been deviated by the Austro-Hungaric Empire to reclaim the Campo Rotaliano. It is a quite unique territory, main land of Teroldego to the point the the most attempts to reproduce it elsewhere have failed.

cantina rotaliana In trentino alto adige region, northern italy

Cantina Rotaliana di Mezzolombardo, a medium size co-op of the region (with 1 mln of bottles per year), names after the Rotaliana plain and carries its success also thanks to the brilliant communication approach of Massimo Berardi, becoming reference point for the production of this charming undervalued Italian red and whose Teroldego Rotaliano ‘Clesurae’ (20…) and Teroldego Rotaliano Superiore Riserva (20…) represent its more concentrated version with a generous, fruity and welcoming character.

Yet, founded in 1931, it is also rewarded for its Classic Method sparkling wines made from the close and precious area protected by the appellation ‘Trento DOC’ which have just changed packaging and name. I have had the pleasure to try them this summer already so I was looking forward to write about their immediate and fine character: “R Riserva Brut” along with “R Extra Brut” (before called “Redor”).



n.v., 100% Chardonnay, 4,5 g/l of sugars, at least 20 months on the lees.

With flavours of golden apple and honeysuckle the fine nose of this Classic Method sparkling wine is intense and fresh. on the background: hints of candied fruit, rocky notes and geranium. On the palate the acidity is very well balanced with the concentration, pleasant and harmonious. It had been disgorged only 2 months before, it would benefit from longer bottle ageing,



25% pinot nero e 75% chardonnay 6,4 g/l di zucchero, almeno 80 mesi sui lieviti.

Mature and elegant nose with a slight oxidative character which enrich a picture made of apple peel, toast, bread dought, dried fruit and nuts. ON the palate is creamy, full, mature with a good acidity level. Fine and certainly balanced.