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cake design

cake design

Renato Aldovino, Peggy Porshen, Eleonora Coppini called Molly, Buddy Valastro are just some of the big names in Italian design cake and not only, I would say Europe. The Cake design : it is the art of creating with sugar (see photo) . A new trend of huge success that joins but does not replace the pastry, absolutely. And finding the balance is not easy. It seems that you have to change the dough so that the cake below can support weight of the overlying … sugar decorations.

So, in England to create a mixture of ( almost ) only butter is not difficult to accept but the culinary arts in Italy and the pastry as a result have… another taste! This is the challenge in Italy then.

It is therefore one of the so-called ” new professions ” and for this, as often I stress, I like to discover smaller or less well-known people, talented young professionals.

sweet susy cake design

sweet susy cake design

One of these is Susanna: SweetSusy cake design, a young Italian of our South passionate and talented. Nuff said, alongside a photo here applies to everyone.
After the artistic talent acquired through the studies at  Dams (College), Susanna decides to devote himself to confectionery following the course of the professionals mentioned above, unmentionable for employees in the sector. And in particular Susanna specifies: ” Renato is my guru, he really manages to combine the English tradition of sugar pastry dough with the italian tradition”, she hopes to work for him one day, then she falls in love with Peggy Porshen and her mini cakes, Susanna has tried in her own bakery in London, moreover Molly who taught humility and passion, finally Buddy Valastro who taught her the accuracy.

I ask which are the courses because if you see cake designer working it seem to see a craftsmen working ceramic, or a painters, an artist … In fact, there are some fundamental courses for a cake designer: ” modeling” for example the one of Eleonora Coppini ( Molly ), that seems to be the best in this sector of the cake design, then Susanna followed the course of Toni Brancatisano, which teaches the procedures at the base of the cake design, from the aesthetic and artistic point of view, and then she followed the courses of Loredana Atzei to learn more specific techniques such as creation of sugar flowers.

But even earlier, Susanna follows the motto of Harriet van Horne “cooking is like loving: you abandon yourself completely or give up” and she is so since she was 10 years old.

sweet susy cake design - cup cake

sweet susy cake design – cup cake