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Feudi di san Gregorio winery

Feudi di san Gregorio winery

“Feudi di San Gregorio” is an icon of Campania region (southern Italy) and one of the most important Italian wineries, located in Irpinia, the inland of Campania, an hilly area well known for its fine wines such as the whites Fiano di Avellino and Greco di Tufo or the reds Aglianico and Taurasi!


Feudi di San Gregorio winery has been for years a guarantee of “good impression” in case of presents, but sometimes it has also been criticized by those who do not buy them as “I also find them at the supermarket”, or even for the production itself.

Given that in 30 years it is not strange to have a difficulty, Feudi di San Gregorio has never been passive reinvesting and experimenting with admirable self-criticism and rare activism!


Have you ever heard about this notorious company, it is not difficult to find these wines abroad too. I would love to know your opinion, leave a comment…


logoSo it is not a cliché to talk well of Feudi di San Gregorio; perhaps it would be shortsighted to talk ill of them because the company is ideally suited to demonstrate the crucial nature of big companies where big is too often confused with “commercial” and the small producer becomes, regardless, the only possible bearer of quality and reliability. A concept that I like to resume again and again because the big companies have, on the contrary, the numbers to carry the success of that wine around the world, the numbers to afford certain treatments or advanced machinery as well as world experts’ advice bringing benefits to the whole territory. Not least the possibility of investing in large-scale trials.

FeudiStudi is the experimental project which represents what I mean, an experimentation on single vineyards without any commercial interest. It is a limited edition (1,700 bottles per year) obtained from a single cru in order to better understand and communicate it. It is the result of monitoring operations made on about 850 vineyards that Feudi di San Gregorio works on, started with the indigenous white Fiano di Avellino in 2012 and continued with Greco di Tufo and the red Taurasi, all indigenous.

This line is not intended for commercial channels and the bottle is a re-edition of the first Bordeaux type, from the seventeenth campionicentury. Please look at their website to discover more about vintages and so on. The cru generally change every year also basing on the performance of that vintage but some remain stationary in order to allow small vertical tasting (same wine, different vintage) and, therefore, to evaluate the longevity.

A meeting between a few experts has been lead by the notorious mr. Pierpaolo Sirch (production director) and mr. Francesco Domini (General Manager) to discuss more about this line.

It’s an interesting project, is not it? Leave your opinion below…




SIRCH Pierpaolo

SIRCH Pierpaolo

Even if it sounds superfluous considering the importance of the project, I have my preferences!

Personally I have preferred, as usual 😉 , Fiano di Avellino for elegance, versatility and representativeness. Specifically, I particularly enjoyed the the cru in Lapio area of Fiano di Avellino, vintage 2012 as I consider it the most comprehensive with fruit and minerality, persistence and body and with a few years on his shoulders results also the most ready. Also the vintage 2014 is very very interesting but too young for now, I am sure it will turn into a special wine too.

Right after I would classify the cru “Sant’Angelo”, still Fiano di Avellino, vintage 2013 with a surprising nose that immediately makes you want to drink it and then does not disappoint you for pleasantness, a good aroma of white fruits and a lightly toasted finish.

Finally the red Taurasi with a really bright color, a wine that still needs time as requested by the “category” it belongs to but it promises so much!

It has been an extremely useful and teaching tasting, congratulations!


Have you ever tried this rare line or other wines of Feudi di San Gregorio winery? I look forward to reading your impression below!



wine bottle o feudistudi

wine bottle o feudistudi

FeudiStudi project has an obvious implication in communication that I could argue with Francis Domini, general manager.

FeudiStudi can answer to those who believe Feudi  is a “supermarket” wine, to those who say that the winery has only “exploited the territory”. And it also takes a social value because it allows the recovery of lands and areas where the crisis has pushed to abandon.

Moreover, FeudiStudi is a perfect example of collaboration between marketing and production and it does not means “to adapt to anyone’s taste or to trends”! This collaboration demonstrates how production and marketing should work as team, especially in traditional countries, such as Italy, where marketing is not always well developed.


Do you agree, what’s your opinion about wine marketing and communication? Leave a comment below …