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As you have probably read going through my calendar, I have recently been at the international school “The Roots of Food” with a speech about the wine communication at the University of Padova.

There I have discovered a very new and interesting educational path, a master degree titled “Italian food and wine” (ItF&W – Master -second cycle- degree) and for a second I was not sure I could believe it was happening right in Italy.

It is a master degree (2 years long) opened to italian and international students in english language. It distinguish itself for a real multidisciplinary approach which faces the wine&food sector from any point of view: sociology, culture, business, techniques and technology, history, art, quality certification, sustainability and much more in order to offer a complete educational path.

I find this is a degree built around a sector and not anymore a sector marginally included in preexisting courses as I have usually noticed.

The University of Padova in Veneto region (north-east of Italy) gets international and offers the opportunity to learn about the italian wine&food excellences, renowned all over the world.

The opportunity to make direct experiences within wine&food companies as well as the presence of wine&food expert will make the path even more consistent with the current situation.

From the end of May, new registration opportunity will be opened to italian and foreign students.

Much more info are available on the web-site.