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It is still open the discussion about the meaning of the vegan wine. This is not a recent phenomenon but many people are still confused about it. Same for Claudio who asked me: what doeas vegan wine mean as wine is made from grape?!

The answer is quite easy, it is not easy what it implies and especially the choices to make.

The wine production foresees the use of animal products such as gelatin, casein, albumen in order to clarify the wine (and have it perfectly clear as we are used to find it it in the bottle). Those animal products can be substitute by chemical, vegetal or mineral ones; and this without facing the strengths and weaknesses of each.

This is not all as as the wine productions actually starts in the vineyard where many uses animal products (see manure) or animales themselves (see horses instead of tractors): practices more often preferred by organig and biodynamic producers. So the situation and the choice turn to be even more complicated for vegan people.

Certifications and also the self-certification are available and placed on the labels.

See you soon with the next curiosity!