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For each country a different food culture! In Scotland the culinary competition is about porridge (oatmeal soup in substance). So, every year there is a championship where chefs from around the world take port in a very pretty setting that only Scotland can offer.
But what intrigued me is that in 2012 one of the members of the jury was only 16 years old. Then I tried to understand more.
Bronwyn Taylor is British Powerlifting Champion, a kind of weight lifting (but experts will explain the sport better than me, here’s a link: she has broken 3 British records, in the his category of “under 18” , when se was not even 16 years old.

bronwyn_taylor powerlifting champion

bronwyn_taylor powerlifting champion

Her diet is absolutely based on Porridge and it is for this reason that, in the guise of sport champion, was invited as a perfect judge at this important competition where she joined two internationally renowned chefs.
Porridge is usually her breakfast, she says, but also an evening snack. A perfect member of the jury being an athlete who makes his diet a point of leverage to achieve her goals objectives.

We look forward to finding out what other goals to reach Bronwyn.
Learn more about the competition here: