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I do not think I need to write again about quality of a wine like that.  Or maybe, while tasting, we should forget about big names and big bottles, because, as we know, the wine lives, the vineyard is subject to weather conditions and the level of production and quality may change. Even if, it is also true that the producer can guarantee for us.

As promised in a previous article about Ca’ del Bosco, one of the most notorious Italian producer of sparkling wine in Franciacorta (Lombardia region, north of Italy) , where I wrote about some curiosities (read the article here) I would write, now, about their top wine, directly.

annamaria clementi, the tasting at ca' del bosco

annamaria clementi, the tasting at ca’ del bosco

The cuvée “Annamaria Clementi” is a Franciacorta Riserva, I tasted the latest vintage available, the 2005 one (55% Chardonnay, 25% Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir 20%). Yes, I confirm, bubble 8 years old that debunks the myth that sparkling wines are made to be drunk young only. It remains true, the effervescence would be lost otherwise, we do not want to get super technical, but- in some cases- following a certain kind of production, basing on the moment in which disgorgement happens, the eventual use of wood for the aging for instance, and so on, it is possible to produce bottles which express themselves after a while. And this is a perfect example, in fact, the company continues to make vertical tastings starting from the vintage 1979 (first year of production) with enormous satisfaction.

At the sight the liquid has a strong yellow tonality showing a certain age somehow. The nose has light notes of yeast, toast and a hint of citrus but pushed to the grapefruit mixed with jam and candied fruit even better. Explodes on the palate: balanced, harmonious, evolves in the glass becoming softer, there are not excesses. The back is long, nice flavor of caramelized fruits and leaves your mouth fresh and clean.

Annamaria Clementi, the mother of Maurizio Zanella (founder of Ca’ del Bosco) has certainly been honored in the best way.