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The addictive music you can listen to connecting to ‘Fratelli Berlucchi winery’ website can only carry in a unique and fascinating world. the one of the bubbles (listen to it here).

the bottle

the bottle

Just as happens in France with the term “Champagne” that identifies a product, a territory, a method today, “Franciacorta” is synonymous with sparkling wine in Italy thanks to the great work of the Consorzio too, which defend and support the territory as well as the brand. A great team effort, that I have rarely seen in other Italian regions, is the key to their success along with the quality of their products, of course!

The Consorzio began in the 1990 with only 29 producers of wine, now there are nearly 200 members, including growers, wine producers, bottlers.

For the third consecutive year, Franciacorta is the official wine of the fashion weeks in Milan with elegance and charm.
Although sparkling wines are the most prestigious and renowned throughout the world, in Franciacorta some red and white wines are also produced, I’ll write also about them one day.

Among the others, one of the companies that make great this land is ‘Fratelli Berlucchi’, and recently I have tasted their “Brut 25”, the last born. 25 as the months the grapes take to become a bubbling liquid! It is Chardonnay 85% and Pinot Blanc for the remaining part. A simple wine, not too complex but pretty pleasant, fragrant and flavor; I liked the freshness and its balance. I find it great for a light aperitif, summer time and more. It seems they wanted to create something to be appreciated by youngs, an immediate wine.