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Beyond controversies and scandals there is an Italy that hardly works for Expo 2015 (which will take place in Milano from May 2015) to exploit this opportunity for the entire agricultural sector and so the Italian wine world too, which is gaining a great success all over the world.

Of course,  the exhibition space and the activities of each operator were not enough, we need much more.

Thus, for example, the idea of the Gallery Wine Experience was born: a space entirely dedicated to wine within Seven Stars hotel in the heart of Milano (Piazza Duomo) with several activities related to wine promotion, for example:

  • tasting dinners for the guests who may choose the culinary tradition they prefer (ranging beyond the Italian and Mediterranean ones) at the restaurant of the hotel “La Sinfonia”;
  • room service to taste over 1000 labels;
  • and still, a “Wine temple”: wine shop with over 1000 labels on display ideated and managed by Marco Polo Experience and Wineverse; and so on.

A format which will be repeated in Astana 2017 (Kazakhstan), then in 2020 in Dubai (UAE), and so on in the great capitals of the world.


But we are getting closer to the Expo, so it is necessary to discuss about how to deal with it in order to intercept and exploit the most of the opportunities that come with it.

So, on the occasion of the the Big Opening of Gallery Wine Experience, Fiera Milano Media – International Business Division, along with Marco Polo Experience, Alessandro Rosso Group has organized -today, December 15- a meeting between the business community of the wine sector and institutions. There will be some important  exponents of the Italian wine world such as  Marilisa Allegrini: President of Allegrini, Giancarlo Moretti Polegato: President of La Gioiosa – Villa Sandi Group, Lamberto Vallarino Gancia: Pavilion Vino Expo 2015 and so on. Some other aspects will be discussed, for example thanks to Filippo Chiusano, CEO Wineverse (portal for italian wines sales and promotion), with whom I have the pleasure to collaborate, who could share his experience with the wine promotion online, a crucial theme to be better developed in Italy and then I particulary care.

Good luck to Fillippo and all the group!