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I am not gonna write again about the richness of Campania region or the quality in terms of wine production; this time I would like to underline the potential for aging of the WHITES of this special region.

This year I have supported Miriade&Partners agency in the Public Relations with international journalists invited to Campania Stories (event organized to present the latest vintage of Campania wines to the press) and I have taken the advantage to attend a tasting of white wines from 2007 led by the wine expert Paolo De Cristofaro.

In poor words: after well 10 years, the all of the local whites of the region have expressed a remarkable quality and, considering that the most of the producers did not intend to produce whites for aging at that time, these wines can thus truly express the potential of the different territories. The age has not only demonstrated the potential for aging but also the ability to communicate the features of each territory that often risk to be trapped into the impetuous youth.

Among the all whites tasted on this occasion I have been impressed by the following wines:

  • Sannio Coda di Volpe 2007 by Fattoria La Rivolta: it distinguishes since the very beginning being intact. The fruity notes are alive and prevailing and there still a touch of floreal notes (more typical in young wines). Full on the palate even if it is not a very complex wine; slightly mineral, pleasant and balanced.
  • Vesuvio Lacryma Christi Bianco 2007 by Casa Setaro: Immediatly mineral. Then notes of candied lemon come out along with custard and a balsamic touch, I expect matter and salt that I easly find on the palate together with a silky texture. The picture is made even more complex thanks to an oxidative style. Smoky in the end.
  • Greco di Tufo “Vittorio” 2007 by Di Meo: vintage 2007 like all the others but “young” since the appearance analysis. It is confirmed on the nose with notes of herbs, grapefruit, white peach. It is not that complex and the variety becomes more clear on the palate when it expresses its identity “of red wine dressed in white”.
  • Fiano di Avellino 2007 by Colli di Lapio: it is always easy to recognize this notorious white in terms of variety as well as signature, the one of the producer Clelia Romano: a pair that never fears to challenge time showing elegance, long finish and a toasty note typical of this variety. It is still lively but smooth at the same time.
  • Fiano di Avellino 2007 by Ciro Picariello: intriguing nose with a fruity touch, fennel and an evident rocky touch that is confirmed on the palate which is delicate with a smoky finish.

We cannot age all wines, especially whites and some of these ones were maybe at their best some years ago but such an experiment demonstrates that we should not always look for the the latest vintage!