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A rich dessert wine for several pairing ranging from cheese, maybe served with jams or compotes, to dry pastries but also chocolate.

Feudo dei San Severino  is a small Calabrian winery (south of Italy) in Cosenza district which works only with native grapes: Gaglioppo, Guarnaccia, Malvasia and Moscato.

the label

the label (etichetta)

On this occasion I like to write about “Mastro Terenzio” dessert wine made of Malvasia, Guarnaccia, Odoraca, Moscato, the grapes are harvested and left to dry in rooms at controlled temperature to give aromas of honey, dried fruit and, somehow, a touch of exotic fruits .


Feudo dei San Severino has about 5 hectars and it is certified as bio. Its production also includes a red “Donna Marianna” a blend as well as the red “Lacrima nera” from the omonimous grape 100%; last but not least, their notorious “Moscato Passito al Governo di Saracena”: a production that includes the boiling of the must and so on wth the following production phase but this practice had risked to be abolished by modern regulations and which has been saved by those brave producers!

A niche production I highly reccomend!