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Wines from southern Italy only, please! It happens thanks to Radici del Sud, the wine event totally dedicated to indigenous wines of Campania, Basilicata, Puglia, Calabria and Sicily, ideated by a passionate mr. Nicola Campanile along with a qualified staff made by well-known names involved in other events  and initiatives.


This year, at the Hotel Rondo Bari, the 10th edition has taken place. The formula made of 7 days is “complex but brings results to companies” as stated by Maurizio Gily, wine expert from Piedmont, in love with southern Italy and directly involved in this important appointment. A complete event including:

  1. three days of BtoB meetings between producers and buyers;
  2. wine competion where wines are grouped by variety of origin and evaluated by national and international jurors      composed by top Italian and foreign experts (see the list here);
  3. thematic analysis, this year with particular focus on the Asian market thanks to Debra Meiburg (Master of Wine Hong Kong);
  4. Special tastings and press tour in the southern regions.
mr. gily

mr. gily’s speech

The event ended Monday, June 15, at Masseria Corte di Torrelonga facility (city of Bari, Puglia region) where public and operators (many restaurants are, in fact, closed on Monday) had access to tasting area to try all wines of the competition, the conference with announcement of the winners and the dinner to pair wines to dishes prepared by 9 top chef only from the south of course!

The reason why I particularly like this annual event is the huge media impact for the whole south, too often snubbed. Monty Waldin, contributor of Decanter (known British magazine) and member of the international jury of Radici in this 10th edition, says that “he has had enormous surprises from all the wines as -for example- from Calabrian ones which have reached a level unknown to foreign”.  And the attraction for worldwide experts is evident if you look through the names of the juries which, year after year, have involved great experts among buyers, journalists, sommeliers as emphasizes by the italian wine&food critic mr. Luciano Pignataro, media partner, directly involved into the organization. Fabio Giavedoni, one of the editors of the Italian wine guide “Slow Wine”, and this year a member of the national



jury, likes to underline the excellent organization too, not always obvious in events and national or international competitions. And the message of territoriality -already included in the name of this event (Radici means “roots”)- is admirably launched by mr. Alfonso Cevola known Italian-American journalist: “do not make wine based on what other countries may like, we want what pleases you, what is typical!”. He has been kindly translated by Ole Udsen, precious contributors of Radici from northern Europe and who is writing a book about southern wines.

And the “news” of this edition are in the words of Nicola Campanile “no news but only confirmations in terms of friendships and support” such as the one with Francesco Muci, president of the italian jury. After all, the number of companies continues to increase, well 181 wineries took part to this 2015 edition!










Here are the winners:

I have tasted many of those, I will shortly publish the ones I have preferred. Stay tuned.