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“Mozzarella Roads” is the event titled to one of the most prestigious italian products: the famous buffalo mozzarella from Campania region!

It is “just” a fresh cheese but it is inimitable, even if the most have tried hard! Do not trust imitations at the supermarkets … I am sorry, you should go to Campania or… joint the event which tours the world!

Mozzarella brings along the culinary tradition of southern Italy made of pizza, pasta of Gragnano, tomatoes, street food and much more. Mozzarella Roads celebrate all of this with a fresh touch!

I have written about it year by year and it is at the 9th edition now: it will be launched in Paris on the 3rd of December to go on with the core congress in Paestum (Italy), the appointment in NYC and the closure in Rome.

Please find here the calendar:


Mozzarella Roads: the dates


As well as the programme for the upcoming appointment in Paris:

progr parigi

Mozzarella Roads in Paris

Have fun!

Do not tell me you do not know real mozzarella! have you ever had one?!