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We are used to city tours but what about a city tour under the… wine point of view?!

Alba is the heart of Piemonte region (north west of Italy) and its wonderful wine production, nowadays appreciated all over the world with numerous red wines as well as some fine white ones for real wine connoisseurs!

“Narratori del vino” (Wine storytellers) match perfectly the need of learning more about wine as well as the wine tourism trend without being too technician!

tartufpDo you generally enjoy wine tours?

Piemonte on Wine is a new service managed, for example, by touristic offices such as the one in Alba, which offer wine tours but not only the classic ones characterized by a winery tour (tasting included). They offer sensorial paths, wine games and many other original or classical packages to really enjoy the wine world!

I took the tour of Alba guided by ms. Silvia Ocone we met at Risorgimento square where we started to identify the most important restaurant such as

hazelnuts presented by Silvia

hazelnuts presented by Silvia

“Piazza Duomo” (the only one with 3 Michelin stars in Piemonte). She went on with a light explanation of the city from an historical point of view as well as its traditions: do not forget that Nutella (the cacao and hazelnuts cream of Ferrero company) was born here!

3 main steps:

  • one at the wine bar to try some of the local wines such as the fresh Roero Arneis, notorious white of the area even if it is not my favorite one (Timorasso and some others would deserve at least the same attention); we went on with the typical “Nebbiolo d’Alba”… of course!
  • Tartufi and co.: the shop to discover more abput this typical product: do not forget Alba is the realm of white tartufo;
  • Carosso wine shop, a very elegant one to discover some of the best wines of the region and more, gastronomic finesse included, such as the terrific hazelnut of the region!

Another way to discover the city!


Would you enjoy such a service in your place?

il bianco roero arneis

il bianco roero arneis