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I have recently discovered an interesting system to protect wine bottles! I have then interviewed mr. Mattia Nanetti, Business Development & Marketing at Wenda S.r.l.!

    Wenda Ltd. is a startup that creates technology and innovative solutions in the world of Wine & Spirits. The first solution created is WENDA 3S (three souls, three sensors) that enhances and protects the bottles. Wenda is, in fact, composed by three souls: a smartphone application, a device and a cloud platform. The device connected to the bottles records temperature, position and UV rays; a top portion that covers the cap, prevents the refilling ( growing phenomenon in Asian countries), and finally if this device is removed, the system detects it. The datas are shown by graphics on the reference device together with storytelling and marketing content.


    The idea aims at satisfying the desire of several players in the Italian wine market, to protect and accompany the path of a wine bottle from the vineyard to the tasting. The project involves different figures: technical experts, IT professionals, universities as well as other startups specialized in multimedia communication and image, food marketing company, architects, producers of electronic devices, patent experts and so on…


    First of all, WENDA is designed for bottles of wine, one of the most important expression of the “Made in Italy” brand: it enables the identification and traceability – check of  parameters that affect the conservation – brand protection – promotion – exclusive experience for wine lovers.
    WENDA is for Manufacturers, Importers, Distributors, Retail and for wine lovers.


  • HOW IS IT GOING ON? The system is now available and two very important projects have been launched, one with the Edmund Mach research foundation and another with the wine producer Villa Oppi. We have already started to build an expert community made of sommeliers too.

Thanks and keep in touch!