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There are still events where you can get your time and properly taste the wine you have been invited to enjoy..


Umbria region, in central Italy, is surely known for its super tannic Sagrantino and also this year the recent vintage, 2012, has been presented thanks to Anteprima event organized by the local Consorzio which took place on February the 22nd and the 23rd.

It is one of the most tanninc red wines in the world, you can realize it immediatly so be careful to the food pairing. It is not a case in the past it was often sweet so that sweetness

I have had the chance to try more than 50 Sagrantino from several producers both in its dry version (vintage 2012) and in its historical sweet one (vintages 2012 and 2006) blind (meaning the bottles were covered so I did not know name and producer)! Only at the end of my tasting I have read the list of the producers…

… Surprise!


I still notice quite a difference among the different wineries, I cannot really talk of identity. Good to have this kind of events to learn and trace the evolution of a wine.

Moreover I have been surprised to find Garnet reflection in many young Sagrantino (vintage 2012) as well as different style, sometimes characterized, for example, by a strong use of small barrique..


Please find here the list of the one I have preferred!

DRY SAGRANTINO, vintage 2012


what about SAGRANTINO SWEET VERSION (vintages 20212 and 2006)?


Take note and stay tuned! 😉