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“The future belongs to those who will make the best pairings of wine with other subjects of popular attraction” this is what has recently stated my colleague Horia Hasnaş, romanian wine critics I have recently interviewed about the future of the wine critics.

And this exactly is what’s going on somehow.

On the magazine Food&Wine we can find the tea suggested basing on the wine that you might prefer.

  • Chenin Blanc –> Phoenix Oolong
Chenin Blancs from France’s Loire Valley have herbal notes and honeyed flavors of ripe orchard fruit. You can find a similar character in the Phoenix oolongs from China with notes of tangerine, white flowers, and delicate honey.
  • Riesling –> Sencha
 If you like the precision, acidity and brightness of Riesling, you should try this Japanese Sencha. Fresh and focused, with notes of kombu, dashi and spring grass.
  • Pinot Noir –> Taiwanese Formosa Red Tea
If you like a sophisticated Pinot Noir with a round fruit character then you can pick this taiwanese tea red-fruited and slightly earthy brew round, lush.
  • Syrah –> Lapsang Souchong
In France’s Northern Rhône Valley, Syrah grapes makes wines that are intensely savory, smoky and meaty. Lapsang Souchong, a black tea from China, smoked over pine needles can give hint of smoke that is balanced with leather, fruit, and wood notes.