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In Italy the fried food is quite popular and this is often the main character of the street food and of the traditions in many regions.

But we generally name it as “fritto” o “frittura” while abroad, especially in the East, there are many different techniques we can read on the menù!

I am happy to share an immediate picture along with a concise explanation I have found online, enjoy!

deep fry, pan fry


  • PAN FRY: method of cooking in a very minimal amount of oil just to lubricate the pan; the food is cooked on just one side or both
  • SHALLOW FRY: the food is partly submerged about halfway and it must be flipped in between; it helps to control the entire process
  • STIR FRY: again a very small quantity of oil, often followed by other seasonings. The food is tossed continuously and is generally ready very quickly
  • DEEP FRY: food is completely submerged in hot fat or oil; in this case it is very important to control the temperature because it gets dangerous for our health and this is why some kind of oils are preferred but this is another story!

Enjoy this post while travelling!

See you soon again!