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The story of Annesanti began in 2014 with a Novello obtained from 1 hectare inherited from the grandfather who, in the meantime, had fallen back to the bulk because of the industrialization of Terni. But if Francesco Annesanti went back to his roots and to agriculture, he did it with a far more ambitious project. So, after the built of his cellar (in 2013) he is ready for a wine adventure that I invite anyone to discover as soon as possible.

francesco annesanti

Today he works with 6 hectares, placed at the valley floor protected by the surrounding hills, with clay soil and important temperature diurnal ranges. In other words, a cool area that suffers the cold and wet vintages more than hot ones. The total production is around 14,000 bottles with the aim of reaching 40,000; Francesco started only with stainless steel tanks because he does not want to risk that wooden barrels interfere on the territorial identity of his wines; he also uses amphora now and, in particular, the one from Impruneta (Tuscany).

view from annesanti winery

I met Francesco and some of his wines a while but I wanted to sediment those aromas and those, especially human, sensations I felt at its winery. I could no longer resist the temptation to tell such a true story and such an authentic wine. However, such grace has a price and Francesco does not hide how tough is to sacrifice anything to properly follow every single step but the results are under our eyes.

The motto “My wines have my soul” is anything but an advertising claim.

Please find here my impressions about his wines.

  • “Il Rosato” 2017: Barbera (only stainless steel tank). With rare complexity and elegance with aromas of strawberry, flint, herbs and wildflowers. Well defined, quite concentrated, refreshing and characterized by savouriness
  • “Il Bianco” Bianco 2017: Grechetto, Malvasia, Trebbiano Toscano; partially macerated. Chamomille, yellow peach and nearly balsamic. The welcoming bouquet opens up to a full and coherent sip
  • “Acqua della Serpa” 2017: Trebbiano, Grechetto, Malvasia, Martone and Pecorino, 10 months in amphora with the skins then 4/5 months in demijohn. Deep in colour and character. It offers an extraordinary coexistence of primary (origan, grapefruit zest) and tertiary ones (they nearly recall the flor effect) with support a good structure and a silky texture on the palate
  • “Trebbiano Spoletino” 2017: a great example of Trebbiano Spoletino, 10 months in amphora on the skins, then 4/5 months in demijohn. Sultana, apricot, jasmine tea. Dry, refreshing, good body
  • “Piano Della Torre” 2017: Pinot Nero and Sangiovese, 10 months in amphora on the skins, then 5 months in demijohn. Fine bouquet with aromas of red wild berries, sweet spices, violet and paprika. Juicy, easy-drinking
  • “Suppriscola” 2017: his most biodynamic wine, from the tank to bottle right away to become Umbria IGT from Barbera grapes. Violet and young with notes of red cherry, brioche and leather. Juicy, concentrated, dry and “genuine”
  • “Il Rosso” 2016: Barbera and Merlot (only stainless steel tank with submerged cap which only undergoes sedimentation, no filtration or stabilization). Dark cherry, cocoa, coffee, with a touch of iodine. Juicy and tasty
  • “Clandestino”: Grechetto, Trebbiano and Malvasia (made basing on the local tradition of working with cooked must). Super full and concentrated with a great balance: bruised apple, chestnut honey, cloves, nutmeg and toffee. On the palate the high sugar level is perfectly balanced to a rare refreshing acidity.