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Wine tourism is getting more and more popular in recent years and it is right in this period of the year that the Top 50 of the wine tourism competition WBV (World’s Best Vineyards), which rewards that best wineries in the worlds in terms of wine tourism offer, is revealed (see the ranking here).

The Top 50 of 2020 includes well 3 Italian wineries and, among those, there is a winery ranked in the Top 10: Antinori nel Chianti Classico (Tuscany) which is managed right by a member of the Women & Wine Association: Albiera Antinori, a news that makes proud also the entire association.

And precisely this year, when wine tourism needs to be supported and – perhaps, somehow – reinvented, a new project has been launched in collaboration with the Italian Touring Club and conceived by the Friulian member of the Women & Wine Association, Elena Roppa: the Camper Friendly project. Over 50 Italian wineries offer stops in campers with view across the vineyards in the name of this year theme of the association: Women, Wine and Environment.

The president of the Italian Association Women & Wine, Donatella Cinelli Colombini, underlines that “Camper Friendly is just the first step of a broaden concept of hospitality so, along with the just launched opportunity to stop for 1 night at wineries (for free), there is also the possibility to opt for numerous other services such as outdoor tastings, pic-nics, trekking in the vineyards and so on”.

The complete list of participating wineries is available on the website or downloading the file here: CAMPER FRIENDLY-lista cantine (wineries list)