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“Languages are important” so I am also going to mention one of the several italian dialects!

I recently moved to central Italy, I now live in Perugia city in Umbria, the green italian region. I am getting more and more closed to the local culture: the charming side of moving from one city to another!

Here in Perugia I have recently known ms. Anna Maria Ortica, english teacher and author of 2 books (LE SORELLE PACCOLA and I TRIBBLI DLE SORELLE PACCOLA), the funny thing is that they are not in italian but in the local dialect: they are about the misadventures of those sisters…

I have discovered they also had some funny experiences with wine and I am happy to report this specific and very funny episode.

But… I am sorry I cannot translate it into english, it would not make the same sense!

Do you wanna try?! You can access to it here.