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I am leaving to california to discover those wines and with them a “new” frontier, maybe something of the future of the wine story, then why a step in london first? Because on october 12 and 13 the cheese&wine festival took place(! It is always interesting to see the approach to the wine and to this kind of events in each country, in this case it was Not a prestigious one, not even wide..

No producers were showing up their own wines, only a couple of store, (for example a pretty big one here in London Dvine) which promoted different wines from different countries available at their shops together with the promotion of some upcoming events at their places…

On the orher hands several producers of the local, typical and coloured cheddar cheese! I will write abt it and abt why they use to colour the cheese… So far you can see some pictures of the festival on instagram and facebook, u can see the link to the social here, on the right hand side of the blog page, enjoy!