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A unique day, a tasting of 12 CABs presented by some of the most important producers of Napa Valley. A comparison between Hillside Cabernet Sauvignon and the ones from the Valley Floor. The day has started at 10,00 am in the morning at Napa Vintners (no profit association for the promotion of the valley) with a blind tasting: only the medias and some of the wine producers (wine-makers and/or owners) of the wines included were there. From one side the CABs from Hillside, from the other one the CABs from the valley floor, in the middle “You decide”. I have been invited there as the only Italian journalist and I gave my opinion as Italian. Personally I preferred the Cabernet from Valley floor, they are more fruity, intense, with a great bouquet of red fruits and spices at once and they age well; the others (from the Hillside), althought the more favourable position, showed more “herbal” aromas, truffles and mushrooms, wood and so on, a different flavour, a different taste.

cabernet tasting

cabernet tasting

After that, the panel discussion: 12 glasses in front of us (see pic), 20 of use (journalists + producers) and 2 hours of our time to taste and discuss about the all of them. A great educative moment, a usefull day to really learn and discuss about Cabernet in Napa. The guests: Cathy Corison, Tim Mondavi (see video on instagram), Christopher Howell and last but not least Jean-Charles Boisset, the”gennious of mktg” for many people! (see pic)

As a result I gave them my impressions: “we now California is producing very good wines but I could not expect such a complexity”; I had 12 VERY different CABs, with a certain complexity and personality, You cannot compare them to the French one anymore and the most interesting thing is that Tim Mondavi itself has stated more than once “This is just the beginning for us”. People be aware, they are gonna grow and grow.


red... pairing

red… pairing with Jean-Charles Boisset