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The Italian wines in the world. Campania and its excellence . Sometimes less reputable compared to wines from other regions, such as Tuscany and Piedmont, above all, the wines from Campania gain year by year a prominent place in the international market .

Merit also of the internationalization strategies of many wineries, even medium-sized safe nobility contained in their bottles. Fiano, Greco and Taurasi are now well-known names even across national borders, even in the U.S. where they reach good market shares seducing also young people also in Californians and Australians who are pushing for several years to purchase those varietals (in particular Fiano and Aglianico ) to be cultivated in their lands, finally aware that the Californian or Australian climate is in some cases much more suitable for these vines and vineyards compared to the one coming from Piedmont for example. But the quality of the products is not enough, we need entrepreneurial vision to assert more and more the name of the Campania region in the world with a successful internationalization process. Internationalization as a response to the crisis, openness to foreign markets with a proactive approach is the key as the globalization phenomenon nowadays invades our economy and our daily lives. The company moves within a scenario much broader and while initially the globalization phenomenon was closely associated with the homogenization of consumption, today, it becomes an opportunity to enhance their competencies in a widened scenario. And the concept of territoriality is the hub of gastronomic and wine production in general. Among other things, one is led to think that internationalization is a privilege reserved for large companies, while there are numerous small wineries that can be called “Born Global” , beyond the size ( medium / small ) . In this context, it becomes even more central the link with the territory and its peculiarities, that’s why now we speak more properly ” Glocalization ” : global + local. Moreover, this way, the wine becomes ambassador of values, traditions, cultures. A value not to be missed, the greatest value of a population that no one will ever steel.



For this purpose, it becomes crucial to strongly cooperate and, unfortunatelly, this is maybe why in campania we are still behind in Campania somehow, we need to invest alot in building a spirit of collaboration on an excellent area to enhance and properly communicate.

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