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They call them cousins even if one is produced in the north of Italy, in the Piedmont region and one in the south, in Campania . I’m talking about 2 great Italian wines: Barolo and Taurasi, my favorite ones: the aged reds! But those well done, and in this case I do not have doubts about the producers!

The first wine , Barolo, does not need many notes : internationally renowned, it is producted in the Langhe a small area in Piedmont. The second wine is among the finest ones in the south of Italy, produced in the small area of Irpinia, the inner area of Campania region very different from the famous coast. Irpinia has, in fact, higher altitudes (up to 600 m), night temperature ranges and ventilation, yet, the influence of the close volcanic Mount Vesuvius, which make the area one of the best in Italy since the Romans period.

Not only, have selected an exceptional vintage: 1999! The tasting, for those who did not follow me on the social networks (Instagram to Twitter and Facebook ), has foreseen Barolo 1999 by Eraldo Viberti and the “Centotrenta” Taurasi Riserva 1999 Mastroberardino .


the 2 corks


2 excellent wines: clear , color garnet , with great balance, body and intensity. I opened them at about 10 in the morning to allow good oxygenation until evening. They were absolutely perfect.
The Viberti Barolo was certainly ready. It offered a wide bouquet made of vegetal notes, chocolate and just a little bit of vanilla which not covered the fruity notes but gave the softness also evident on the palate: then, round and nice, and very persistent with aftertaste of cherries. The Centrotrenta Taurasi Riserva by Mastroberardino winery is the selection of the selection: the best grapes of 1999 (generally intended for the fateful “Radici” Taurasi Riserva, the historic ‘white label’) were selected for a special production: the celebration of 130 (in Italian “centrotrenta”=one hundred thirty) years of business, a limited production that on the label shows the faces of the last 3 ‘sailors’: the least of which was Antonio Mastroberardino which unfortunately has left us recently (read the article here:

Taurasi Riserva was mature (unbelievable after 15 years already), but a rich bouquet with notes that tended more to spices such as black pepper, yet, leather and purple. On the palate there was still a certain acidity; complex, intense , good, very good! Great Persistence with reminiscent of black cherry.

Perfect pairing with food : sausage and mushroom as appetizer, roasted spiced with cloves in particular. So elaborate and spiced dishes.

It is impossible to express a preference, great wines, really! On the other hand the 2 producers are very different from each other: Eraldo Viberti is a small producer, modernist , extremely friendly, a very nice person . He has been following everything in person since 30 years ago. Eraldo bases his production on respect for all of the territory: use of organic fertilizer, spontaneous grassing and manual labor in the vineyard .

old barolo viberti

a very old bottle of barolo (by Viberti)


On the other hand: Mastroberardino , a big an historical company, which produces excellence known throughout the world for more than a century with a much more traditional style but also an eye for innovation that also manifests itself in activity, more Recent, in the field – for example – of the hospitality.

But there is a common point, also original bytheway: both producers have beautiful frescoes in their cellars, definitely worth seeing!




affreschi mastrob

frescos at Mastroberardino