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In 2007, Casalferro of the family owned winery Barone Ricasoli, was drank on Lufthansa Airline, the vintage 2010 is on the Emirates Airline: a 100% Merlot wine, but ” definitely a Tuscan wine” says Francesco Ricasoli himself (current owner), great-grandson of the famous Bettino that dictated the Chianti formula already in ‘ 800, and still in use today.

Barone Ricasoli is not only the oldest winery in Italy, it is one of the oldest companies in the world. In short, the origins date back to 1141.

We are in Tuscany one of the most appreciated Italian wine regions and more specifically we are in the Chianti Classico area, included between the 2 cities of Firenze and Siena. Only the Chianti produced in this area is called “Chianti Classico” and protected by the consortium “Gallo nero “ (meaning black cock). Read more on the article about Chianti published on Napa Valley Register, available in the press release section:

Francesco Ricasoli manages the family business since 1993 and has began a process of experimentation and refinement while maintaining the traditions of the historical site, the 8 centuries old Castello di Brolio.

Castello di Brolio estate 2005

castello di brolio


And Francesco Ricasoli has been my guide, proud and available all the day long, to go through the wonderful, real wonderful vineyards as well as the production area, a proof of the perennial coexistence of old and new. The story is there, you perceive it , but -at the same time- nowadays, the work is focused on modernity and experimentation to improve not only the quality of products, but the offer to the customer, the hospitality and the communication as well as the environmental impact.

The experimentation is made in the vineyard, already partially converted to the biological as well as on corks and packaging and woods. A continuous research that reveals the secret of the implied warranty hidden behind the label “Barone Ricasoli”. One example is the publication “Beyond zoning – A three years study at Castello di Brolio” a work of zoning conducted with several prestigious research institutions in order to study the soil and its characteristics with enormous utility for the entire territory in Chianti.

sea of vines

sea or vines?



But the company is completed by the hospitality wide offer. First of all, we have less than 2 types of wine-clubs, a very common practice in California, much less in Italy. A first club, free of charge, allowing you to get info and discounts; then the “club 1141” which guarantees very special treatments , including the purchase of wines not available in wine shops . And then the wine shop where you can find local products and also some original gadget , the tasting rooms available for private-corporate events, guided tours (among which you can choose the cut you prefer scrolling through several options). Yet the fine restaurant that offers the real flavors of Tuscan cuisine and the Guest House, the refined “Agresto”: a pearl with a rustic and refined style, surrounded by vineyards at the same time for a few chosen ones. There is also a range of services that perfected the offer: support for the organization of tours to nearby places of Tuscany, personalized excursions by bike or on horseback, and so on.

Tuscany, with companies like this, approaches to the concepts of communication and hospitality much appreciated also in neighboring France. And this does not take space away from the quality of wines. So we can find the more traditional ones:

• “Brolio” 2011 (which is a Chianti Classico DOCG) , Sangiovese , Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon the grapes. The flagship of the house, at Vinitaly is always among the most popular wines.

• “Castello di Brolio” 2010 (which is a Gran Selezione* of Chianti Classico of the house) yet blend of Sangiovese grape with a small addition of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine has been awarded by one of the most popular Italian guides and in the past chosen in Singapore Airlines

• “Colledilà” 2010, which is the other Gran Selezione *of Chianti Classico DOCG but 100% Sangiovese grape, awarded with ‘Tre Bicchieri’ the highest award of the popular Italian guide Gambero Rosso , even more elegant and silky.

Colledila 2008 label

colledilà label


Then there is the less-known white:

• “Torricella” with great balance and nice minerality. finally

• “Casalferro” mentioned in the opening, the variety (Merlot) is not even on the label otherwise the public expects a ‘varietal wine’ while it is a wine region one in spite of the international variety used.

All are distinguished by elegance , including the sweet popular wine of this region “Vin Santo”, loading and tasty, with a strong flavor but never cloying.


*[Gran Selezione is the new classification added in the 2013 in Chianti Classico, along with the already existing “reserve” but with even more restrictive rules]

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