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Gattinara is a wine made ​​from Nebbiolo, same grape used to produces the more popular Barolo (the famous wine produced in Pidmont).

Travaglini is the company that has made this aged Nebbiolo a wonderful red!gattinara riserva travaglini 2007

2 lines that effectively summarize a wine of high quality which comes in a distinctive packaging too: irregular bottle made of black etched glass.

Let’s discover more about “Gattinata Riserva” vintage 2007 (by Travaglini).

The first time I tried it was at Vinitaly (the prestigious italian wine fair) a few ‘years ago when I was there as responsible for the communication of another Italian winery; a colleague of mine told me we had to stop at Travaglini’s booth. Since then, I do it every year as a tradition…


There are also other companies which produce beautiful wines from Nebbiolo of Gattinara area, and I hope to reviews them soon; but this is perfect for a special gift too.

The wine produced from Nebbiolo grapes grown in Gattinara is a DOCG wine still in Pidmont region (north-west of Italy), but this area is not included among the areas permitted by the regulation of Barolo (each wine has its own regulation that defines the rules to be followed, from the production areas till the techniques and so on, to acquire a certain denomination: Barolo rather than Taurasi or Amarone, to be DOC or DOCG rather than IGP, etc.). Travaglini, with its 44 hectares of vineyards is one of those companies that has made ​​the area popular and fascinating.

The wine is produced only in the best vintages with 4 years of aging (3 of which in Slavonian oak barrels and only a small percentage in small barrels; it ages 8 months in bottle). In tasting offers a perfect balance between fruit flavors (especially cherry), flowers aromas and spices; excellent persistence! To be paired to meat, spiced food and aged cheese.