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Franciacorta is the renowned italian area for the production of spumante Metodo Classico, located in Lombradia region, north-west of Italy, and Tenuta Villa Crespia is a winery founded in 1999 by Muratori Brothers; it owns 135 acres and produces 350.000 bottles per year. It is a young but focused company which has divided its production area in 6 sub-zones basing on their specific climate conditions and soil composition: each for only one of their 6 sparkling wines.

tour of tenuta villa crespia in franciacorta

Millè is something else, it is a single vintage Chardonnay produced from an assemblage of the best wines coming from different zones.

It was born as a bet starting from its colorful packaging itself but it has been immediately successful also thanks to the passion and the verve of Michela Muratori, member of the family and Communication Manager.

millè, ffranciacorta brut millesimato – tenuta villa crespia

The name Millè comes from both “Millesimato” (single vintage in Italian) and “Millennials” (to get inspiration from new generations). Any way when you work so seriously and put quality first, the results can only be surprising and a product, born perhaps to challenge the “too-serious” approach that sometimes marks the world of the Classic Method, or Champenoise if you prefer, will soon show its strong character. This is what happened at the very first vertical tasting of Millè organized by Michela Muratori for “the friends of Millè” that amused me a lot: we started with 2010 and went on with 2009, 2008, 2007 and more.

michela muratori leads the vertical tasting of millè, franciacorta brut millesimato by tenuta villa crespia

After such an intro, the tasting notes may sound redundant but for the more curious people, I report some:

Millè Franciacorta Brut Millesimato DOCG 2010

Regular vintage until July, rainy and cold between August and September. The selected grapes of Chardonnay come from the hottest vineyards (in particular the moraine hills of Erbusco and Adro).


The perlage is very fine and persistent. The bouquet is fine and characterized by notes of citrus fruits such as lime as well as white flowers. On the palate is creamy with a sharp acidity accompanied by an excellent savouriness. Sober but very elegant. Good potential for ageing


Millè Franciacorta Brut Millesimato DOCG 2009

Hot summer with providential rains that have favored a good ripening of the grapes. They have privileged grapes up the hills with north exposure facing Iseo lake with morainic soils as well as the late ones on fluvio-glacial soils.

Bright medium lemon. Intense ripe nose with notes of preserved peach, candied citrus, toast, acacia, and slight vegetal touch. On the palate it is full and round although its typology, coherent and with a long finish.


Millè Franciacorta Brut Millesimato DOCG 2008

Regular vintage preceded by a cold and slightly sunny spring; the frequent rains have supported the vegetative growth as well as a good concentration and composition of the grapes. The grapes came predominantly from moraine areas, vinified separately.


The color begins to get warmer shades. On the nose is complex with notes of grilled pineapple, medicinal herbs and a refreshing touch of licorice; finally aromas of citrus fruits and sea breeze on the background. On the palate is smooth with a delicate bubble and a very nice rythm, fat, savory. Super.


(PS as perceived, in 2009 and in 2008 the sugar dosage is slightly higher than 2010)


Millè Franciacorta Brut Millesimato DOCG 2007

The harvest has been anticipated a little bit enhancing fresh scents. The selected grapes came from the hillside vineyards with north exposure they matured slowly and has maintained high acidity.


The colour begins to show golden tones. The bouquet is mainly characterized by tertiary aromas of walnut, candied ginger, cereals and almost hints of wild berries in the background. Definitely round with a good balance.


Finally there was a surprise but this is another story, stay tuned!