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‘Women in the the wine world’ is a recurring theme, especially in Italy. But, yesterday (sept the 11th) at the first edition of the competition “Pink Companies for Erminia Di Meo” has been special! Erminia Di Meo (who died in 2012), has been one of the first women in the wine business in Campania wine region; she worked to create value and not only wine. And this is the theme that emerged last night along with with the success of “pink”: women are now numerous as enologist, agronomist and also sommelier. Yesterday there were so many who all agreed about the fact that the competition, in this case, has been just an excuse, the has been to promote a territory, do synergy and remember Erminia and her example.

milena pepe one of the winners

milena pepe one of the winners

By the way, we are in Campania (the region of Napoli), and more specifically in the renowed wine area in the distric of Avellino city where, among the others, the whites Fiano di Avellino, Greco di Tufo and the reds Aglianico and Taurasi are now products of excellence on a global scale.

But only 2 categories had been foreseen to enter the competition: the white Fiano and the red Taurasi; producers could choose whether to participate in one or both categories. Please find here the winners, anyway:




  • “Taurasi” Category: Milena Pepe of “Tenuta Cavalier Pepe” winery with her “Opera mia”
  • “Fiano di Avellino” Category: Laura Di Marzio for “Quintodecimo” winery with their “Exultet”
  • Category “best combination Fiano + Taurasi”: Milena Pepe again

They both are well-known companies here in Italy and on the international wine scene I can state with determination, this is because of the quality they guarantee year by year, for the elegance of their wines, the research work, to be ambassadors of values! I love both companies -if still not clear- and I will write in more details about each one soon.

The women have been awarded by a local artist Maria Rachele Branca with her very nice creations.

Luciano Pignataro, notorious wine&food journalist, ended the event saying that maybe we miss more women who can tell about wine, women who write about wine are still few… here is my contributions!