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If I mention “Campania”, people generally think of Naples, Amalfi coast and maybe the volcano Vesuvio but there is a special wine area in the inland of the region called “Irpinia”, in Avellino district, with its hilly landscape you do not expect in the south of Italy. And if I mention Irpinia, people generally think to Taurasi: important, fine and structured red wine, good for aging, along with the whites Fiano di Avellino and Greco di Tufo to be considered among the best white wines in Italy. Only a few know that in Irpinia there is a good production of wines obtained by late harvesting!tasting

This is why I appreciate meetings such as the one organized by the Sommelier Association (of Avellino area) on Sunday, December the 14th, within the event “L’altro Natale” scheduled from  December the 3rd (2014) to January the 15th (2015) in Avellino city.

The objectives is clear: to communicate wine excellences of this production area, more in general, of a territory with huge potential!

Wines obtained by late harvesting are not dessert wines, for example because of a lower residual sugar: this is one of the fundamental concepts which has been repeated for those who approach to these wines for the first time. Late harvest means postponed collection of the grapes in order to obtain a higher maturation which gives different sensations compared to a “traditional” harvest.

So, after the meeting held on Sunday morning with experts,  the association of Sommelier of Avellino has organized a guided tasting. Please find here the complete list:

vini in degu

It has been a very educational tasting especially for those unfamiliar with this area of production, and this kind of product.

We tasted wines made from 3 indigenous white grapes: Falanghina, Fiano and Greco. Each producer has been able to capture public’s attention thanks to the quality of each wine!

More specifically I loved Fiano 2012 by Fonzone winery, a company that is conquering me time by time and then Greco 2011 by Donnachiara winery: two very different products both extremely pleasant, smooth and persistent. The first one is pale yellow and it offers hints of ripe pear and a good minerality, just great; the second one has amber tonalities: a truly pleasant wine, very mineral with notes of candy and hints of dried fruit.

Last but not least I love to underline the courage of Mr. Roberto Di Meo who offered a special wine: the late harvest of Fiano 2000! It seems much younger just looking at it, the bouquet is intense and complex with hints of dried fruit, but also dried flowers, honey, citrus and candied fruits. In the mouth is still young, with a pleasant smoked flavor and hint of roasted hazelnuts.

Congratulations to all!