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In Campania, Luigi Moio is known as “The Professor”.

He is often considered one of the main wine experts as well as a great interpreter of the well-known production areas in Campania; he wants to produce only “great wines” does not matter if reds or whites!

tasting at Moio's winery (degustazione a casa di luigi e laura)

degustazione a casa di luigi e laura

He seems to have clear ideas and a solid project that needs time, of course. It is because, Luigi Moio aspires to a kind of revolution in his territory, Campania region (south of Italy): it should overcome the title of  “excellent value for money wine region”, he says: “Why do not we produce the Grand Cru as in France, or Supertuscans as in Tuscany”. It possible starting from the excellent and widely appreciated native grapes of Campania region.

Quintodecimo is a winery founded in 2001 by Mr. Luigi Moio and Ms. Laura Di Marzio located in the hilly inland of Campania, more specifically in Irpinia area, near Taurasi (district of Avellino). Three white wines and three reds crown the dream of a lifetime after his studies in France and the desire to express his creativity considering the territory was ready for the excellence!

Exultet is a white made from 100% Fiano di Avellino grape: there are no traces of other white grapes even if the local


regulations would allow some in small percentages. A wine well known by those who love the whites, especially those from aging. Yes, this wine can be enjoyed even after 10, probably 20 years. Exultet ferments for a short period in small barrels and is extremely elegant. The nose conquers you immediately  with notes of citrus and honey and it’s lightly toasted. The palate is smooth, fresh and fruity in the early years but also persistent and certainly balanced!