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We all know about that but it is not always easy to find someone with the courage to admit so explicitly that the choice of using big casks or barrique depends on trend too. Thus began my tour at “Poderi Luigi Einaudi” estate in Piemonte region – north west of Italy- guided by Lorenzo Raimondi, responsible for the production of these wonderful wines.

vines at Poderi Luigi einaudi

vines at Poderi Luigi einaudi

Some tourists Joined us as interested in a wine tour and so Lorenzo explained that, for red wines, today, they combine use of both big casks and barrique but he admits that the old trend has been reversed  as in the past the use of barrique has been predominant: “Everything depends also on the media that influence trends and purchases!”.

(In these moments you can really get the importance of working seriously, and with great respect for all producers who work hard to get their products!).

Poderi Luigi Einaudi is in a historic winery, founded in 1897 by Mr. Luigi Einaudi that seems to have always been distinguished by determination, fairness and preparation. Luigi Einaudi passed way but he was also President of the Italian Republic, without, however, never lost a single appointment with the harvest!

tasting at Poderi Luigi Einaudi

tasting at Poderi Luigi Einaudi

Nowadays, they have 55 hectares of property (3 more rented) for a production of about 300,000 bottles. Exportations account for around 70/75%  and brings these wines in many countries even outside Europe.

The wines are different, whites (Chardonnay, Langhe and Moscato d’Asti) that along with the reds Barbera, Dolcetto and Dogliani are produced only in stainless steel. While all the other reds: Langhe Rosso, Nebbiolo Langhe and 3 Barolo are ages in

wood. Moreover there are a Dogliani superiore which, unlike the other one mentioned above, foreseen a passage in wood, but that this year will not be produced, yet, 2 grappa and a Barolo Chinato.

The property is just magic: with a relais of great class that photos can testify. I was lucky enough to be there at sunset ,then the charm has multiplied. So remember to book several months in advance if you like to spend some nights over.

Among the various wines, I got to taste Dogliani superiore “Vigna Tecc” 2011, very balanced, full and intense on the nose as well as in the mouth with a typical almond finish. And especially a Barolo “Cannubi” 2001: perfect, excellent, soft, complex with notes of fruits and sweet spices together, with a long finish that, along with everything else, demonstrates the exceptional nature of this vintage . And as you can imagine, this is a wine that could still wait.

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