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It’s called “Le Club des Chefs des Chefs” and it is the club of the chef of the world leaders including Obama or Queen Elizabeth along with the President of the Italian Republic for example. This is the world’s most prestigious culinary association  founded in 1977. Only 1 chef for each country is admitted … except for China which has two locations!

They meet to exchange culinary curiosities and secrets maybe! The purpose is to safeguard the national traditions and become familiar with each other will help when their leaders will meet for an official meal and the chef of the nation which hosts the meeting will need information to make a good meal.

For some it might seem secondary, instead, a mismanaged lunch could affect the success of the meeting, the power of food is immense, nobody would question that.

It is all true as the chef do not get special instructions when their leader is going to meet another one. Thus, in these cases, it seems that the chef are likely to have a short phone call with the chef of the leader who is coming to discover preferences about products, portions, any diets or ongoing needs based on the moment, for example, because of long trips or whatever. This is a common practice already, but a club with an annual meeting can certainly improve these relations.

Needless to specify that confidentiality is a must!

The ex President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, in 2009, when the meeting was held in Italy, claimed to appreciate the initiative a lot as “a new dimension of international cooperation”.

I am sure that no one will be surprised regarding the centrality of food especially in view of Expo 2015.