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I had to go to London to find a very interesting italian wine!

That is the answer to those who wonder the value of guides and awards: if you need to pick a wine or a winery you can rely on those who are more experienced than you, who every day goes in search of new flavors and new names. An award is certainly a good information to select a wine and easy too.

So, on the occasion of Decanter Wine Awards, a remarkable competition internationally recognized, I written of last year (see here) I discovered Rivetti & Lauro winery with its wine “Ui”.

uì di rivetti e lauro 2

The winery represents the dream of three professionals who decide to get together and work with the famous Nebbiolo, but in Lombardy region in this case (and not in Piedmont -still north of Italy- where we are more used to place it, mainly because we know Nebbiolo is the grape used in Langhe area in Piedmont, to produce the notorious Barolo and Barbaresco). Nebbiolo in Lombardy is used to produce a wine called Valtellina Superiore.

Valtellina Superiore “Uì” of Rivetti&Lauro is a fine wine, absolutely, which not only won the gold medal at Decanter within their category but this allowed to enter the next step of the competition where it got a further medal even more important: the Regional Trophy, a challenge among golds in essence.

Trust me, given the number of bottles in the race is a great result, those who have read the old articles about Decanter know!

An intense and complex wine that offers, therefore, several pleasant notes such as red fruits, leather, sweet spices and a slight touch of balsamic. In the mouth it is enveloping, balanced and round.uì di rivetti e lauro

I can define it armonious: what I feel the nose perfectly reflects the taste.