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A team based at the University of Cambridge and led by mr. Quercia has launched a very new map: the one which traces the smells of a city. From garbage to flowers, from smog to street food.

Cities are characterized even by that, anyone remembers the smells of a place and this is, often, one of the major source of emotions too!

We will tour a city with new directions from now on and we will be able to look for or -on the contrary- avoid a street during a walk or a bike ride.

The system is based on a smell dictionary already realized by ms. Kate McLean (artist and designer of the Royal College of Art in London) and collect Flickr and Instagram pictures where tags match with words in the smell dictionary.

The system has already been experimented in some cities such as London and Amsterdam.

In the next months the team should launch “Smelly Map” a website where you can personalize your experience!

Source: New scientist