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The tilting slats of the new wine cellar of the Italian winery named “Scalvia” allow to adjust the light entrance as well as the visibility of the nature that surrounds it.


Moreover being made of wood and mixed with glass, they perfectly marry this uncontaminated environment in Liberi town, province of Caserta- Campania region (the region of Napoli, southern Italy) where there is a wine named “old-house”, I’ll report the wine notes soon!

So do not fall in the classic clichè regarding the soccaled “importanat” wines because today only the territory wins with indigenous grapes for wines which result perfect to be paired to local products and those recipes!

The perfect wine is the one which satisfy my current desire also according to the food I am going to pair to!

Do you agree? I would love to know your opinion, leave a comment below



wine tour

wine tour

SCLAVIA WINERY – Campania region (southern Italy)

This is exactly the frame where Sclavia, this relatively young company, is placed in.

It was born thanks to mr. Granito who used to dream to go back to the country world on a buggy; so in 2003 he bought a land here where he planted native grapes: Pallagrello and Casavecchia, “these strangers”, whereas only in the early years of the new millennium these grapes have been included in the (Italian) National Catalogue of wine grapes, for example,  thanks to the work of the lawyer mr. Mancini started in 1997. The route to Sclavia is a bit ‘twisty’ but this is the price to pay to experience the peace of such a campaign; once you get there, the buggy itself welcomes you at the entrance of the company then leaving space to a modern winery: essential but functional.

Granito was then joined by mr. Lello Ferrara as well as mr. Pasquale and ms. Fortuna Morman; the company has about 14 hectares and now has involved the new generation with Lucia Ferrara, Andrea Cardillo and Carmen Granito, supported by the agronomist mr. Pappalardo and the oenologist ms. Anna Gate.



SCLAVIA WINERY INAUGURATION – Campania region (southern Italy)



On September the 14th the opening of the new cellar has been organized by Miriade & Partners (Marketing and Communication services) and the Italian wine critic mr. Luciano Pignataro has lead a tasting of their wines.



WINE TASTING AT SCLAVIA WINERY – Campania region (southern Italy)

  • The white “Calu’” (classified as IGP Terre del Volturno; grapes: Pallagrello White 85%; Fiano 15%), vintage 2014 which offers fragrant aromas: apple, chamomile, but also a touch of honey and Mediterranean herbs. A tasty flavor makes it perfect at the table.


  • “Montecardillo” (classified as IGP Terre del Volturno; grape: Pallagrello black), vintage 2012. The Pallagrello is a
    wine tasting

    wine tasting

    rare grape variety: it can be white or red; the bunch is very tight and this requires a very good ventilation, a fundamental characteristic of this area. Their Pallagrello refines about 12 months in French oak barrels. At the nose you find “crisp” red grapes, a touch of dark vegetables and a nice hint of black pepper. A wine without edges which is perfect to be paired to local products.


  • Finally, they work with Casavecchia grapes (red), which in italian means “Old-house”, with a “loose” bunch and so very different compared to the previous one, Pallagrello. Sclavia produces 2 wines from this grape and we have tasted the 2012 vintage for both: “Granito” (classified as IGP Terre del Volturno) which refines about 12 months in French oak barrels and has a purple color, with hints of wild berries and a slight spiciness. Beautiful body and a medium persistence. Finally, “Liberi” (DOP Casavecchia of Pontelatone) which refines in French oak barrels for about 24 months. It is compact and yet very young to be appreciated now when is still warm and too concentrated.


Had you ever heard of those grapes? Campania is a rich region, have you ever been there? Please leave your impressions below…



WINE AND FOOD PAIRING AT SCLAVIA WINERY – Campania region (southern Italy)

The evening ended with the recipes of 2 notorious chef of this region: ms. Rosanna Marziale (from the restaurant: Le Colonne) and mr. Renato Martino (from the restaurant: Il Vairo del Volturno). The chef have confirmed their talent and the link with a not always easy territory but where they have been able to interpret the local excellences for example through the use of buffalo in all its possible forms and not only the wonderful (buffalo) mozzarella!