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vines at terre del principe winery (campania)

He started almost playing to make wine as long as passion and commitment to recover native vines caught him in the 90s.

She was still a journalist.

They met for an interview and they fell in love.

The charming prince exists and he gives the name to the winery: “Terre del Principe” (meaning “Prince’s lands”) as “Prince” is how Manuela loves to call his husband.

Today they have 27 acres near Castel Campagnano town in the province of

grapes in caserta area (Campania)

grapes in caserta area (Campania)

Caserta city (Campania region-southern Italy), for a total production of about 40/50 thousand bottles per year (except for 2014 vintage particularly and widely difficult).

A story of intertwined destinies, those of Manuela Piancastelli  and Peppe Mancini on one hand and, on the other, the one of the grape varieties Pallagrello black and white along with Casavecchia (red one): 3 typical varieties of this zone, an area which is tankful to their work of recovery and valorization also supported by the University of Naples and Professor Moio, renown academic and wine producer too.

the winery - Campania region

the winery – Campania region


A great story, is not it? I feel like I wanna try those wines, do not you?!


I had the pleasure to taste these wines directly with the owners at their own home-cellar together with the wine critic mr.

Luciano Pignataro; it was a windy morning, something usual in this area, feature which helps grapes to be well aired.

The vineyards are wonderful so I am not wondered by the pride of Manuela who shows the mixed soil also composed by

wine tour at terre del principe winery (Campania)

wine tour at terre del principe winery (Campania)

volcanic elements and enclosed by wire because of the boars.



Their ones are wines with character, structure and complexity from the very first sniff, all wines are absolutely consistent; the reds are bound together mainly by notes of crunchy red and black berries, they are obtained from black Pallagrello 100% (as the “Ambruco”) or the red Casavecchia 100% (like “Centomoggia”), as well as a blend of the two grapes (I think “Piancastelli” 2011 is particularly interesting: with a beautiful complexity, balance and persistence).

Not to mention the white ones: “Fontanavigna” 2014 (only steel) with beautiful notes of sulfur and white melon, full flavor and a good acidity that supports but never overwhelms; “Le Serole” 2013, still from Pallagrello white, which is released later and foreseen barrel fermentation with aromas of candied citrus and honey, excellent softness and a long finish characterized by a slight touch of spices.

vigne di Terre del Principe - zona Caserta (Campania)

vigne di Terre del Principe – zona Caserta (Campania)


Terre del Principe is a reference for these grapes and this area, have you ever tasted them?