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communication at goretti winery in umbria

communication at goretti winery in umbria

We often read “tradition and innovation” reading winery profiles.. But what does it really mean?! It mean that they do not make wine as they used to last century?! Of course they do not! ….

Or maybe that they have restructured their locals, it is the minimum I would expect..

The expression “tradition and innovation” it is abused but I believe there are some real examples! And it has nothing to do with our “magic liquid”! Maybe it has something to do with the wine communication: this delicated and difficlut issue!

I have recently visited a historic winery in Umbria region, central Italy: Goretti! Firstly, I give you some details abt their ptoduction:

  • good the wine lines: ranging from the local whites such as Grechetto up to “foreigners” grapes (Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio) from which they also produce sparkling ones; yet the reds starting from the notorious L’Arringatore a blend characterized by an international style or the powerful Sagrantino!
  • total production is around 300.000 bottles per year

But what about the innovative communication?!

The first thing which has intrigued me is the style of their labels: they change color basing on the temperature, it helps in understandig if the wine is at the right temperture on the table as well as for the food pairing!

Secondly, they have a wine (and oil) line of beauty products: absolutely valid, I tried the hand cream!

Beyond the frame put ahead the wine bottles as they were work of art on the shell or the cooking book written by hand by the gramma they also have a helicopter to tour their vineyards!

goretti - umbria

goretti – umbria

Have fun my dear readers!