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It is not that easy to arrange a mini vertical tasting (same wine, different vintages) at home.

I found 2 wonderful bottles of the fine red Nebbiolo (Piemonte region, north-west of Italy) and, of course, I decided to opened them together: vintage 2005 and vintage 2012.

The name is “Perbacco” and it is produced by Vietti, a notorious producer of the area! 

To taste 2 different vintages of the same wine means analyze the evolution and, of course, the differences between the vintages. “Wine is alive”: it is not possible to find the same wine if taken from 2 different bottles, even worst if you taste 2 diffent vintages characterized by different climate conditions.


Ok, let’s try the wines now!


  • “Perbacco” Langhe Nebbiolo Vietti, vintage 2005:

the color is garnet (nearly orange) and not very britgh: not young anymore. The bouquet is still interesting: dried flowers, the red and black small fruits are hidden behind an ethereal touch (like varnish and medicine, even if it sounds strange to those who are not used to), a pleasant note of liquorice but finally a very light oxidation.

It is clear that I could not wait longer!

When you taste it, it is full and powerful but absolutely mature, at the end of its carreer! 😉


  • “Perbacco” Langhe Nebbiolo Vietti, vintage 2012:

ruby red and brilliant, I like it! The bouquet is absolutely complex, rich in red fruits such as ribes, cherry, strawberry along with spices such as cinnamon  as well as clove, tosty flavous and maybe tobacco. then it is full, juicy, balanced and persistent with a refreshing final!


A great experience!

Stay tuned!