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I have already published an article regarding wine and art (read it here), imaging it would have been the first and last one. But it has had a great success, yet, the ideas are numerous so here I am with a second part…

Yes, because it seems that the number of wine-design combinations are endless, arousing great curiosity!

The idea is… to give ideas, in my opinion, as well as to inform on a phenomena so intriguing.


tramin winery

tramin winery

Within the initiative “Cathedrals of Wine”, the award “Spazio diVino” has been intented for designers and /or wineries to support the successfull combination ‘Wine & architecture’, promoted by the Association of Architects of Rome along with Consorzio Vino Chianti and the media partnership of the notorious Gambero Rosso magazine as well as Artribune. In 2014 the second edition has taken place with issues concerning planning of facilities for wine tourism routes, wine store, and desing components.

In this regard, I remember the cellar Tramin in South Tyrol which I recently visited: it has been created in order to blend in the landscape somehow.

piscina bott einaudi2Another nice idea is the swimming pool shaped as a bottle available to the clients of the fascinating relais of Poderi Einaudi in Piedmont – north west of Italy.

The French in Champagne have instead launched a simple idea: the paintings made of capsules selling at about 100/150 euro … well, actually if you sum the prices of the bottles you need…

Yet, the bike with the laces to tie a bottle to carry as well as the mega corkscrew to park bikes (one for each circle of the “worm” as it is colloquially called the … giant spiral in our case) have been recently popularized by some well-known magazines.

Many ideas for wine lovers, designer and much more, have fun!spirale per bici