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Coherence, dedication and respect for the territory are universal values. But the wine world itself is carring them along with a rising echo.

If we look for those terms even just within this blog we would find them continuously, I may use them as key-words (SEO professionals know what I mean) and I am very proud to tell about a world characterized by stories full of these values!

One of those is the story of Lonardo family in Campania region (southern Italy) where mrs Antonella and her husband have invested resources and a big effort in searching and promoting their own territory which is, of course, giving back excellent products.

They are located in the notorious Taurasi area (province of Avellino, in the inland of Campania, far away from the better known coast) and they work on a family estate. I wrote about their red wines recently, on the occasion of a wonderful tasting organized mrs Alaimo, wine&food writer.

But now there is a “new” star in such a landscape: the white Grecomusc’ other than the most known Greco (typical grape of Campania and the whole south of Italy). The variety should be “Rovello bianco” or “Roviello” and I have had the pleasure to taste the vintage 2013 as well as the “wood-version” named “Burlesque”, vintage 2014.

Both of them are fine and delicate. Grecomusc’ 2013 has a pleasant bouquet made of candied lemon, herbs, cotton candy and a sulphurous hint. In the mouth is fresh. While the 2014 is evidently younger with citrus notes and -again- still a great minerality at the nose, even more lively in the mouth; the use of wood is never intrusive and you may get it just because of a light touch of spices. Both of them are tasty and with a final lightly bitter.

A unique wine for those who like to discover a territory without being that superficial!