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The famous Mediterrean Diet has its origin in Campania region , southern Italy and it is a symbol of health and taste at the same time!

It is becoming even a touristic attraction for those who come to visit this wonderful land: Cilento area in the province of Salerno province (south of Campania). This happens also thanks to its Museum made of labs, videos, guided tours and much more.

The news is that the most famous diet in the world will also have a wine thanks to a recent agreement between the territory and the historical winery Mastrobebardino, already known for its effort in promoting the territory. Along with the production of wine, the projects includes reserach, education and promotion of the “vitis vinifera” in order to further support the values of the diet itself!

I can wait to see this wine “growing” and then taste it!!
In the meantime I am happy to focus on the museum that represents a symbol of Dieta Mediterranea a wine-food-cultural attraction. This is why I interviewed the Executive Director, mr. Valerio Calabrese to discover a more about it:

  • How the museum is becoming a powerful touristic attraction for its territory?

“We aim at making the museum a central element for the development of the entire territory. Here in Cilento area we are experiencing the power of such a Museum, as well as of the wine&food sector in general, only in the last period. But we can easly imagine a rich set of opportunities, we only have to properly address them to really exploit the potential of whole land”.


  • Museums are often considered “boring”, why is this one different?

“Not everyone likes museums. We tried to create a space to discover a community, a territory and a culture in order to make the effort of Ancel Keys somenthing more than a medical study. Antropology, sociology, ecology and local history are all included in the concept of ‘Dieta Mediterranea’. So one can come here to learn how to practice it!”


  • Any initiative out of the territory of origin?

“We did a great job on the occasion of Expo2015 (see pic) where the museum has been there for 2 months along with Pollica municipality within FAO – Keep International School space. Afterwards we have renewed the offer and so, now, the museum represents a symbol of life style which seems to be crucial for the world future. There are thousands initiatives all around Italy even if, of course, the Museum is the most effective representation!”.


Thanks Valerio.

Stay tuned!