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A movie on the great Barolo wine (from Piedmont) is coming soon (spring).

To discover more about this land, its culture and its people..

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Langhe, southern Piedmont, Italy. Summer 1986. Two months after the scandal of methanol has rocked the world of wine, on June 5th a devastating hailstorm sweeps away the best vineyards in the Barolo area, putting an already tied market on its knees. For a handful of visionary producers it is time to react: they must break with the tradition of their fathers, even at the cost of sensational acts. In 1990, the New York Times will use the term “Barolo Boys” to describe these young winemakers who have taken charge of their own destiny and have changed the way they produce and showcase the Langhe wine. The following ones are years of relentless escalation, success and wealth, until at the beginning of the the twenty-first century the initial enthusiasm gives way to a first reflux and emerging environmental, ethical and stylistic issues, breaking the team spirit of the early days. Today, a new generation of producers claims its space and is ready to take the future of the Langhe on his shoulders. Barolo Boys. A revolution story is the story of a human adventure that becomes a metaphor of a territory, an era, a country.

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