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Mr. Ferdinando Giordano who found Giordano Vini company in Piemonte, northern italy, had a “social” approach

light lunch

light lunch at Giordano vini

when he used to leave Piemonte region to go the bigger and close Milano city in the 50s to find a public phone and call each single customer by phone to promote his own wines!

I do not know if he could imagine our “social world” and an event like this: Giordano Social Dinner held on the 28th and the 29th of September 2016!

ingredients for the food bloggers

ingredients for the food bloggers

Day 1

We all met at Giordano winery: food and wine blogger got together to discover more about one of the biggest Italian wine companies located in Piemonte region, land of Barolo e Barbaresco I joined with much curiositiy!

On the 28th we started with a winery tour and a wine tasting before splitting up: the food blogger started to prepare their courses while me and

wine&food pairing (indagini in cucina per il perfetto abbinamento)

wine&food pairing (indagini in cucina per il perfetto abbinamento)

my colleague Gianluca Gaetani, went on with the entire line to taste all the wines to finally pair them to each single course.

And finally here is the menù realized and enjoyed at Ca’ del Lupo restaurant, delicious and strategic place in the heart of Langhe area:

The menù

starter 1 (Cestini di robioline al forno alle erbe aromatiche e miele)

salty cakes with robiola cheese, herbs, honey (Cestini di robioline al forno alle erbe aromatiche e miele)

  • Starters: salty cakes with robiola cheese, herbs and honey. Bruschette with egg salad and cruncky bacon.

Paired to Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG Millesimato and Chardonnay Salento.

Thanks to Teresa and Sara.

  • As first course we had 2 version of the italian lasagna: the vegetarian
red lasagna

red lasagna

one with spinaches, ricotta cheese and coriander; the second one with sausages, Tropea onions and fennel.

Paired to “Il Vinré” Sauvignon Langhe DOC and the red Barbera d’Alba.

Thanks to Germana Brusca.


  • la-tavolaAs second course we had meatball at mint and orange flavours, paired to a young Barbaresco.

Thanks to Roberta Castrichella.

  • Finally a tasty cheesecake with layers of chocolate and hazelnuts, perfect to be paired to Barolo Chinato.

Thanks to Valentina Masullo.

I loved the decorations made by another blogger, Simona Bianca Pirrone!

roddi castle

roddi castle

What about the wines? Well made, straight and often expression of their territory, absolutely in line with their prices and the offers available.

The day after we went on to discover more about the famous white tartufo thanks to the local Fair and the Study center. I have been more

truffle tasting

truffle tasting

than happy to also discover the project “Save the truffle” I will report soon.


An event made of colour, taste and desire to get together to discover more! Well done!