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Blogs are a real source of information nowadays. We travel around, we study, we interview and we share all we get especially emotions, to try to involve users more than the most of the other channels.

This is why blog tours are becoming more and more frequent: they are organized by producers themselves, entities and so on with the aim to promote a brand, a territory, a tradition.

But what is a blog tour exactly? Here is the program of my next blog tour organized by Malvarosa Publisher and Food Agency on the occasion of the award cerimony of the Food Blog Award 2016 , based in Campania region, southern Italy.


29 october

  • 16:o0 masterclass with the chef Alfonso Crisci: the Borbone’s cuisine and typical “sartù di riso“. Paired to: Albarosa Sparkling Aglianico Rosè extra dry
  • 18:oo city of Napoli tour
  • 19:30 award cerimony FBA 2016
  • 20:30 Pizzeria Sorbillo: starters by the chef Mario Avallone and tasting of pizza

30 october

  • 8:30 visit at the old town (Napoli); meeting with the artist mr. Ferrigno
  • 12:30 happy hour with the artist Lello Esposito (at scuderie Palazzo San Severo)
  • 13:30 Light lunch: street food of Napoli by LUISE plus also buffalo mozzarella from Battipaglia by Tenuta Doria) and tasting of the white Falangina del Sannio DOP, Sparkling version
  • 14:30 masterclass about San Marzano tomato with the chef Maurizio de Riggi and tasting of the white Falanghina Sannio DOP
  • 16:30 masterclass with the pastry chef Salvatore Gabbiano: babà and tasting of Sannio DOP passito
  • 19:00 transfer to Sannio wine area, inland of Campania; dinner and tastinf of local wines

31 october

  • 9:00 visit of wineries, vines and local towns in Sannio
  • 14:30 masterclass about Gragnano pasta IGP with the chef Peppe Guida and tasting of Falanghina del Sannio DOP
  • 16:30 masterclass with the famous pizzaiolo Ciro Oliva about pizza and tasting of the red Barbera del Sannio DOP
  • tranfer to Ercolano
  • ore 19:30 showcooking with the chef Lino Scarallo: products of Vesuvio area
  • 20:30 Gala dinner

1 november

  • 9:00 panoramic visit on the top of the volcano Vesuvio
  • 10:30 visit of Ercolano’s ruins


Stay tuned… more than ever!