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Three bullets to describe a wine I have recently enjoyed and to make a short reflection about a famous wine such as Primitivo from southern Italy and more specificaly from a region a truly love: Puglia!

  • INTRO (for those who are not wine experts, I care about it!):
  1. Primitivo is one of the most representative varieties of Puglia region, southern Italy (the heel of the boot as Italy is often recognized), a red one.
  2. In poor words: warm climate, as the one in Puglia, causes alcolic wines with strong jamminess flavours.
  • CONSIDERATIONS: where is Primitivo’s style going?

It is probably the best known wine from Puglia, a wide region with different areas and different conditions so it is impossible to generalize. And Primitivo di Manduria is surely the most widespread. Feom Primitivo we often expect an alcoolic and jammy wine but thinks are changing. Thanks to a great “observatory” such as Radici del Sud festival focused on wines from southern Italy we are learning how Primitivos are becoming more elegant. I perfectly agree with the buyer Mehmet Adanir (Danimarca): “wines from the south do not have to loose their strong and typical character, becoming soft and light” but still, a better balance is absolutely appreciated in my opinion. The wine I had some days ago is a good example.

  • The TASTING:

I have recently had Primitivo “Elce” produced by Poderi delle Mura winery that I found very plesant with a good intensity as well as a long finish. On the nose, the flavours fluctuates from red and black cherry, blueberry, kirsch, wet leaves and fresh herbs. The tannins are there but not aggressive and they contribute to make strong the body of this wine that, anyway, keep a good vibrancy.  You will never guess the alcool is 14% as it is well masked by the good notes I have just described.


Wine samples have been kindly submitted by the company